Fall Pregnancy Announcements & Tips (autumn pregnancy to-do list)

Pregnant in fall? An autumn pregnancy is so much fun! From fall pregnancy announcements to fall maternity outfits, these ideas will have you cozy all season... #fallpregnancy #fall #autumn #pregnant #pregnancy #newmom #newborn #baby

Pregnant in Autumn: Fall Pregnancy Announcements + Tips for Being Pregnant in Fall Pregnant in Autumn? Congratulations! Carrying your baby in your belly can make everything around you seem more special, including the time of year. Each changing season brings your baby closer to your arms. And since pregnancy really does affect everything you do, … [Read more…]

A Mama Must-Have: The Baby Car Mirror

New mom, make your life easier with this tip. A baby car mirror can help soothe your little one and give you peace of mind while traveling. Whether on a road trip with a baby or simply running errands, using a baby car mirror is really a must-have for baby. Check out this comparison of two great options...

How to make Car Rides Less Stressful with a Baby Car Mirror One of my FAVORITE mom hacks is having a backseat baby car mirror to make riding in the car easier. My babies have hated riding in their car seats and have cried throughout our road trips or even quick rides in town. I’ve … [Read more…]