1. This is great advice! So true. Somehow, us mamas just think labor will progress based on how well we plan for it, but in reality, our bodies will do whatever they want to!

    Being prepared is definitely helpful and can make a difference in how your labor goes down, but the control is really in the hands of your baby (kind of like after birth!).

    As a first time mama, I was certain my daughter would be late and I was afraid I would have to be induced. However, I went into labor the day after my due date and she was born two days after my due date (read my birth story here: https://mamarissa.com/my-natural-hospital-birth-story/).

    I also pictured labor starting with contractions gradual building up and several “false” starts over the course of several days. So I was shocked when I got out of bed at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant – having had virtually no indication that labor was nearing – to have my water break.

    Sounds like your labor experience was also very surprising! Labor really does require a flexible birth plan (can you imagine what our ancestors would have thought about our idea of a birth “plan”?).

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