1. How To Save Your Marriage When You Feel Alone

    I have been checking out many of your posts and it’s nice stuff. I will definitely bookmark your website.

    • ashleybbass

      Hey Jenn! I emailed you a reply, but in case you see this first, I didn’t have problems with iron, especially since I was a bit anemic in pregnancy. But talk to your OB about whether or not taking iron is necessary in your case. I love the prenatal vitamin I mention above and I don’t think it contains iron. I hope this helps!

    • ashleybbass

      Hey Courtney! I would definitely talk to your midwife or doctor first, but yes, I took 3 100mg vitamins a day. I noticed that different brands sell many different variations with different dosages. I’m not sure what the best current recommendation would be for pregnant mamas, so I would make a quick call to your OB/GYN and make sure to be safe. I hope the B6 helps you! It really did wonders for me!

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