Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Wording

A Baby Shower By Mail Invitation Template to Rule Them ALL

What is a Baby Shower by Mail?

Baby showers by mail are a new fun way to celebrate Baby without actually having a physical gathering. This is a perfect way to host a long distance baby shower for friends and family who don’t live locally, but still want to shower you and your baby with love.

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

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A baby shower by mail can seriously look however you like, but basically it’s a great alternative to a baby shower in the more traditional sense. 

Mail in baby shower ideas and alternatives are becoming more and more popular these days for a lot of reasons. 

Here are some examples of why you may be interested in baby shower alternatives:

Reasons for Alternatives to Baby Showers:

  • Including long distance friends and family 
  • Time restraints for gathering everyone you love
  • Current events make gathering unsafe/unpractical 
  • You may much prefer gift cards to physical gifts
  • Needing gifts, but not a baby shower for second or third baby (or beyond!)
  • You’re just not a baby shower person (but you still need some help with all the stuff!)

Among other reasons, hosting a baby shower by mail is a really awesome way to arrange for friends and family to give gifts, cards, gift cards, or money without going through the motions of a baby shower or baby sprinkle (which is just a small baby shower, usually for second or third babies.)

What can you do instead of a baby shower?

There are a lot of really fun and creative options for baby shower alternatives these days too! You can plan your baby shower from afar without too much effort or expense. 

Here are a few ideas instead of a baby shower…

Alternative to Baby Shower Ideas:

  • Drive-by Baby Shower
  • Drop-in Baby Shower
  • Virtual Baby Shower
  • Gift Card Baby Shower
  • Mail In Baby Shower (AKA: Baby Shower by Mail)

Of course, you could probably swing combining some of these ideas, so mix and match as you see fit. 

Baby Showers by Mail Aren’t Tacky

Long distance baby shower etiquette doesn’t have to be set in stone. You do you.

The point is, there’s no “right” way to have a baby shower. The whole idea is to shower the baby and parents with LOVE. 

Sooo…shouldn’t we do this in whatever way they will actually feel most loved? 

Some parents-to-be just can’t pull off the fuss of a shower, especially if they have other little ones running around.

And should we really have to “exchange” a party full of cake and favors for gifts from the people in our life who want to help in a time of overwhelming cost and need?

It sort of drives me nuts when I see people asking, “Is a baby sprinkle tacky?” or “Are baby showers by mail tacky?” 

Answer: No way!

If your friends can’t or don’t want to be involved in helping out when you’re about to add a new human into your life, that’s their prerogative. No worries. 

But for the people who do, why put so many restrictions on things? Let’s just love on the growing family in whatever way they need. 

If a baby shower isn’t doable, why get nasty with words like “tacky” and make everyone feel bad? 

Just be excited for this new baby joining us in the world and be thankful you’re loved enough to be on the invite list! 

Anyway, rant over.

On to the point….

And I do have a point!

A good one.

Long Distance Baby Shower Invitations

Once you’ve decided to have a long distance baby shower, you’ve got to let the people know! 

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Baby shower by mail invitations can be a little intimidating. It’s sort of a new concept and not everyone will be familiar when they receive the invitation. 

You want to do this well. Don’t just throw together a quick invitation in Word.

You also need to overcome the slightly awkward feeling of “how do you ask for a baby gift without a shower?” 

This can be tricky. We need to handle it delicately.

Then there’s the long distance baby shower wording.


All the questions flood into your mind…

What do you write on virtual baby shower invitations?

How do you politely ask for a baby shower gift card?

How do I make an online baby shower invitation?

I have the answers! 

As times are a-changin, the need for baby shower by mail invitations has grown exponentially. 

This is a very real need and A LOT of mamas are looking for ways to create an easy invitation to a baby shower by mail.

I also realize that not every mama has the time or energy for making a baby shower invitation…

ESPECIALLY when you’re pregnant and possibly have other little ones pulling on your arms and legs. (I’m literally right there with you!)

So, I just decided to make one for you.

With the help of a very talented (and also pregnant!) graphic designer friend of mine, we whipped up a beautiful baby shower by mail invitation that meets all the needs of hosting a baby shower by mail.

Take a look at this pretty little thing…

Editable Baby Shower by Mail Template

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Isn’t she lovely? 

I set out to create a baby shower invitation like no other (spoiler alert: I did it!)

With this baby shower by mail invite, I tried to encompass allll of the must-haves when writing a long distance baby shower invitation. 

Let’s see if this checks all the boxes for you? And then some…

Cute baby shower invitation message to make your loved ones smile? 


Editable name and personal information? 


Editable PHOTO that realllly sets this apart from other baby shower by mail invitations? 


And to top it all off…

I decided to help you make it super clear to your loved ones which items you actually like really, really need (because for some reason, you will STILL get 3 useless plastic baby rattles and like 5 of the same onesie.)

Instead of a boring blank reverse side, this invitation has an editable checklist where you can highlight your most needed baby items.


Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

I haven’t seen this anywhere else, but it’s super duper helpful.

This editable section tells your guests exactly what kind of items you need in a simple way. 

Why does that matter?


  1. It comes in extremely handy for second or third-time mamas who really need specific practical items. (Think diapers, wipes, and more diapers.)
  2. It is ALSO a classy way of saying, “Um…hey please send us gift cards.”
  3. It plants little seeds of what you actually WANT for well-meaning relatives who refuse to look at your baby registry.

Why yes, I DID say baby registry…

Insert quick tangent on baby registries…

Hear me out.

Mama, EVEN if you are having your second, third, or eleventh baby (I’ve seen it happen) STILL create a baby registry…

(ESPECIALLY if you’re considering a baby shower by mail!)

I’m a massive fan of Amazon’s Baby Registry, even if you register other places.

Here’s why…

  • You can take your time registering and change your mind easily
  • You can read reviews from real mamas
  • Your friends and family probably already shop there anyway
  • 2-day shipping is helpful for friends who procrastinate
  • Friends and family who don’t live nearby can ship a gift to you


With a baby registry on Amazon, you get a FREE Welcome Box full of little goodies for new parents and for Baby.

Also…you’ll get 10% off of items that are left on your registry after your baby showers (make it 15% if you’re a Prime member.)

Sooo, why wouldn’t you do this?

Now, before you do anything else (if you haven’t already…)

Start your free Amazon Baby Registry.

You can sign up here.

Ok. Tangent over.

Where were we?

Oh right…

Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Figuring out the best baby shower by mail invitation wording can be so complicated. 

You want it to be catchy and fun, but also have all the important info, so you don’t get a million calls and questions. 

I also made sure to use gender neutral baby shower invitation wording, so this invite works for any gender.

I was very meticulous when writing out this beautiful baby shower by mail wording. 

This is honestly one of the reasons it’s totally worth it to buy an invitation template, rather than spending HOURS creating one yourself. (Trust me, these things are never as simple as they should be.)

This baby shower invitation is editable in all the right places, so you don’t have to go through the headache of figuring out “HOW do you write a baby shower announcement?!” 

Just easily fill in personal information into the baby shower invitation message and…

Boom. Done.

I mean…how cute is this long distance baby shower invitation wording? It works for families in all kinds of seasons and can be sent to loved ones anywhere.

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

And did I mention this is one of the ONLY baby shower by mail invitations that allows you to easily use your OWN photo?

Can’t you just see your beautiful maternity photo on this invitation? What a keepsake for years to come! 

Now, imagine that hanging on your bestie’s fridge. Love.

So, how’s it work?

Super simple…

  1. Grab the editable baby shower invitation from my Etsy shop here.
  2. After check out, you’ll be emailed easy instructions on how to edit. 
  3. Hop over to Corjl where you’ll fill in your info and add your adorable photo.
  4. Save and print! 

Easy. Peasy.

Click over to my Etsy shop for the full digital download instructions and a closer look at this invitation up close.

Why is this baby shower invitation better than the rest?

  • You have the option of having your baby shower invitations printed through a shop or printing at home. 
  • You can use your personalized invitation to create a baby shower by mail evite or electronic baby shower invitations.
  • You can easily post your invitation on social media!
  • The work is already done! Just add in your personal info.
  • Also, this invite is just stinkin gorgeous (if I do say so myself.)

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby Shower by Mail Invitations

So, there you go, Mama. 

Your baby shower by mail invitation, ready for your final touches: 

An easy editable template with perfect baby shower by mail wording and a prime spot to show off your favorite gorgeous maternity photo or cute bump pic. 

I know you’ll love it as much as I do. And so will your loved ones!

Here’s where you can check out this beautiful invitation on Etsy.

Editable Baby Shower by Mail Invitation Template

And don’t forget! 

Go start your Amazon Baby Registry so your invite recipients know what you need most! Annnd so you can score that free baby swag. 

Start your Amazon Baby Registry here

I actually have a whole post on baby registry hacks that you might just love.

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Baby Shower by Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower By Mail: Long Distance Baby Shower Invitation Wording

What is a baby shower by mail? And why you need this baby shower by mail invitation!

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