Mommy on a Budget: How to Have a Baby on the CHEAP

Pregnant Mommy on a Budget: How to Raise Baby on a Budget

Pregnant mommy on a budget? Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming enough without the stress of…


The costs of raising a baby can multiply so quickly.

You have to consider the expenses of pregnancy, birth, diapers, baby clothes, medical expenses, childcare, saving for your family’s future…

Yikes! And that’s just skimming the surface.

Mommy on a Budget: Save Money & Prepare for Baby

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Take a guess. How much does it costs to raise a baby through their first birthday?


Up to $12,000.

Ughhh. That’s SO much money!

For single parents or families on even an average income that’s an expense that takes a whole lot of planning.

Having a Baby on a Budget

When you’re pregnant (and your to-do list is just as long as your list of baby names) the last thing you need is the task of figuring out how much a year of diapers and baby food costs. Not to mention figuring out how to actually budget for those things.

Pregnant mamas need a way to get their finances in order quickly and without a huge headache…

So, I was super excited when one of my favorite mom-geniuses said she was creating an affordable online course where she does ALL of that work for YOU! 

And y’all…

It is legit. She has covered allll the bases here and seriously eliminates a HUGE portion of the stress that comes with preparing financially for having a baby.

How to Prepare for a New Baby on a Budget

If you’re AT ALL worried about the many, many expenses of pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby you’ve GOT to do this course:

Baby on a Budget

This is an amazing guide FULL of hacks on saving thousands of dollars during pregnancy and Baby’s first year. And, Erin, the adorable mama who created it, is a straight genius.

She will teach you:

  • What costs to expect & how to build a realistic budget
  • How to find cheap and FREE pregnancy & baby essentials
  • Tips for saving thousands on hospital fees, baby wellness visits, medical bills, insurance, and more
  • Strategies to reduce spending on diapers, clothing, childcare & unexpected expenses
  • Tips on building SAVINGS for your family’s future
  • Her secret to finding hidden income (even as a Stay at Home Mom)

As a mom-to-be, the unknown expenses ahead can be so scary!

Don’t freak out!

I highly recommend taking this course. It’s sooo helpful and the info pays for itself almost as soon as you read it.

Seriously, even just ONE of the tricks taught in this course would save you enough money to cover several months worth of diapers. Trust me, I have bought a lotttt of diapers.

The course gives you 5 helpful tools so you can:

  1. Understand the REAL costs of pregnancy and Baby’s first year
  2. Create a baby-friendly budget that WORKS for you
  3. Learn highly effecting (but not intimidating) strategies to SAVE on all the things
  4. Gradually increase your income (even if you’re a Stay at Home Mom) to help cover costs
  5. Start saving for your family’s future using crazy-easy methods that really work

Baby on a Budget is actionable and super easy to complete at your own pace before you pop. Think of it like continuing education for becoming a parent.

It even includes legit financial resources created JUST for moms-to-be. In addition to helpful videos where she walks you through these strategies, the course comes with:

  • A Baby on a Budget Workbook
  • 12 Printable Worksheets
  • Helpful Printable Lists
  • Life-time access and a worry-free guarantee

It’s actually really fun to finally sit down and tackle your finances head-on with a sure-fire plan to secure a great future for you and your baby!

Preparing your budget is seriously one of the BEST ways you can be getting ready for your little one. Don’t wait on this.

You can find more details on the course here:

Baby on a Budget

Annnd because this post is all about saving money and becoming a mommy on a budget, I want to give you your first bit of savings myself…

Tip: When you enroll in Baby on a Budget, enter the code ASHLEY10 and I can get you a discount!

Becoming a Mommy on a Budget

I hope you are feeling way better about paying for the expenses of your new baby. Right now, you have plenty of other things to do!

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Mommy on a Budget: How to Prepare for a Baby on a Tight Budget

Mommy on a Budget: Save Money & Prepare for Baby

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