1. What did you notice in your baby when you eliminated dairy? Better sleep? Less gas? My son has terrible gas, the awful, dry itchy rash on his face, he is always restless when he sleeps, and cries alot too. I’m 100% okay with eliminating dairy for now. I need peace and my sanity back!

    • ashleybbass

      Hey Kallie! I’m so sorry to hear that your baby is struggling. Poor guy! And poor Mama! My boy’s rash subsided a few weeks after fully eliminating dairy. His digestive health was better too. I would definitely talk to his pediatrician and decide if she thinks an elimination diet might help. If that doesn’t do the trick, I also have a post about my baby’s HORRIBLE sleep problems (along with fussiness, restlessness) that was unrelated to his allergy. Check it out here and hopefully you guys will find a solution soon! I totally understand how hard that is on you as a mom. Best of luck! Let me know how things go!

  2. Ruthie

    Thank you so much for this information, it has been very helpful.
    My twin boys’ pediatrician mentioned cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that would help with One of the baby’s gas. She didn’t highly encourage me to do it, but rather offered it as a last ditch effort to exhaust all options of possible causes. He doesn’t have any other symptoms of an allergy, so there is much uncertainty as to whether dairy is the actual cause, and since I need to be nourishing myself enough to feed 2 babies, I’m still contemplating taking the plunge.

    My main question is whether or not cutting back in dairy can still have an impact. In other words, is this an “all or nothing” endeavor or is there some room for error, especially if the potential allergy doesn’t seem too severe. Three times this week, I have consumed something that contained dairy without realizing it until afterward, so I’m imagining that there is going to be a lot of trial and error before I am 100% dairy-free.
    Thanks in advance

    • ashleybbass

      Hey Ruthie! Wow, breastfeeding twins! You go, Mama! I’m sorry to hear that one of your boys is struggling with gas. Poor guy. It sounds to me like it’s unlikely an allergy since he doesn’t have many symptoms and your pediatrician doesn’t seem too concerned. It could be something like lactose intolerance or just a mild sensitivity.

      As for going completely dairy free while breastfeeding your baby, I’d say cutting back COULD help. If it’s really just a sensitivity, less dairy may make a difference. My mom is lactose intolerant and she occasionally cooks with light amounts of dairy and feels fine. So, it may be worth a try. BUT, if your goal is to completely rule out dairy as the cause, it might be safer to go all in for a couple of months, then reevaluate. It would also probably be easier on you to just go cold turkey. I don’t think a couple accidents will hurt, but avoiding MOST dairy ingredients altogether for an extended time will probably give you a clearer answer on if it is the culprit.

      I hope you see great reward for your hard work! You can do this!

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